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Hello everyone

I want to improve my sales process. Im using Twilio and timeline apps for Whatsapp. Does anyone have any suggestions what other applications I can use?

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  • Amit Sarda (

    You could refer to this article I wrote on the topic.

  • David Gurr (

    If you're looking at integrating multiple applications with Pipedrive, you might want to take a look at Make (

    Make is a workflow automation platform. There's built-in apps for Pipedrive, WhatsApp Business and Twilio ... and over 1,400 more apps.

    Lead generation and sales process automation are use-cases we come across time and time again!

  • Carol Segovia
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    To improve your sales process, consider the following applications in addition to Twilio and timeline apps for WhatsApp:

    1) Salesforce is a popular CRM platform with lead management, tracking customer interaction, and automation of sales tasks.

    2) HubSpot: Offers sales and marketing tools like lead management, email marketing, live chat, and CRM features.

    3) Pipedrive: A CRM and sales pipeline management tool with visual sales stage management and integration options.

    4) Zendesk Sell: A sales automation platform for lead management, deal tracking, and mobile access.

    5) Zoho CRM: Comprehensive CRM platform for lead, contact, deal, and interaction management, with integration options.

    6) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: CRM solution for streamlined sales processes, customer relationship management, and sales analytics.

    Evaluate your specific requirements to choose the application that best suits your needs.

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