Linking multiple contacts to the same PROJECT

AJ Willoughby
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We have multiple clients where there are multiple people in that organization we have to communicate with regularly concerning a single project. By only having the ability to link one contact to the project, we are missing emails from others inputing on that project.

I know that you can link multiple people to the organization. But we need the ability to link multiple contacts to the project as well.

@Mike van der Valk Is this something in the works?????

I posted this in another discussion, but realized the original topic was different than what I am asking, sorry if you see this same question in two places.



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @AJ Willoughby

    Seeing your post now after seeing your other comment yesterday :)

    It's at the moment not in the roadmap but a request I've heard before. I recently have been put on another area in Pipedrive and not working closely with the Projects add-on team anymore. However, I've noted down this feedback and passed it on to the team for consideration. Thanks for sharing ;)

  • João Bana
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    Any news about this feature?

    it's funy that everytime we need something in the projects section we realize we would better off managing projects using deals... it's all there😣

  • Josh Buesking
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    Yea the projects add on had great potential, I think they have laid a great foundation but then pulled resources from it.

    I can't see very many actual business's being able to utilize without mobile and Gantt chart.

    I haven't seen an update in over 6 months.