Can you merge duplicate organizations

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I have a situation where several companies are duplicated and are entered twice in my PipeDrive, Additionally, they may have different "people" in each entry. Can I merge the ogranizations to be one organization and have people from both entries be merged into the new merged organization.


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    Try doing this with Dedupely.

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    Yes this is possible.

    From here you can connect people and communities.

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    Hi @jdkohnke

    Yes, the Merge Duplicates feature is available for organizations. On the help document there, you can see the different ways in which organizations are matched. You don't have control over customizing the matching fields that Pipedrive uses, so it may not catch all duplicates. However, you can still force a merge for two records that are not identified as duplicates.

    I wanted also to mention that Insycle (and full disclosure, I work for them) could help you to catch more organization duplicates and merge them in bulk.

    Insycle allows you to use any Pipedrive field as a potential matching field, along with advanced matching features such as Exact/similar matching. You also have full control over the resulting merged master record, using rules for the master record as a whole, and even setting rules for retaining data on a field-by-field basis. For example, you could instruct Insycle to collect all of the IDs of the merged records in a custom field for future auditing purposes, or to keep location info from the most recently updated record. You can build any rules that suit your needs.