Advice on a good starting sales technology platform?

Jamie Pride
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Hi Pipedrivers,

Any advice on a good starting sales tech platform to level up lead gen and sales execution beyond CRM? We aren't really looking for email/campaign automation - more looking for something to help support account based marketing and outbound selling.

We are a B2B professional services company, based in Australia, that sells into medium to large corporates. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




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    Hi Jamie,

    You can accelerate your sales by using different integrations through the Pipedrive CRM system and get in touch with them quickly. The rate of people using e-mail is 70% less than the rate of using whatsapp. You can communicate directly with people by using the "Timeline" application. Or you can send an SMS using "Twilio" and introduce yourself.

    I hope this will help you.

    Good Works,

    Yakup INAC

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    For a solid start in sales technology, consider using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zoho. These tools help organize customer data, track interactions, and streamline sales processes. They are user-friendly, offer essential features, and often have free or affordable entry-level plans. Begin by exploring the features that align with your sales needs, and as your business grows, you can scale up with additional functionalities. These platforms provide a foundation for efficient sales management and are widely adopted for their effectiveness in boosting productivity and customer relationships. Elevate your style and convenience with Nellykini our necklace phone case—a chic and functional accessory that seamlessly combines fashion and practicality.