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It's OK, yet somewhat frustrating to work with goals at this moment - June 2023.

See, if you have a goal, that goal can be annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily.

In order to make a goal workable, you'd usually split it up into smaller components, like so:

  • annual or biannual goals become quarterly or monthly goals
  • quarterly goals become monthly or weekly goals
  • monthly goals become weekly or daily goals

These goals should ideally be adjustable for seasonality. This is all well and good. Pipedrive's got this!

Now, what happens if on an annual goal a quarter is missed?

In Pipedrive: nothing.

In the real world: that lack of performance will need to be caught back up. Consequently the goals for remaining quarters will have to be adjusted.

For instance: if the annual goal was 500, quarters 125 each, and the Q1 performance was 95, then that rep or team is now 30 behind. The underperformance should be distributed over the remaining quarters. Not necessarily evenly, but distribute them you must. Otherwise you lose sight of the all-important annual goal.

You can do all of this manually right now, but I don't even want to think about how that would work for a large team.

For the goals feature to really make a difference and help sales actually reach goals, this feature will need to be implemented in an automated fashion.

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