Jotform integration after the fact

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I did a Jotfrom campaign on the weekend and now trying to integrate the results into pipedrive in post. No luck so far though I think I've set up the integration correctly.

Also have tried to sync with gmail to at least collect the data that way but only 3 emails copied over. ( I tried to sync the whole past month!).

I have reinstated my pipedrive account this week to capture this stuff, and deleted / re-synced my email. Could my problems come from dropping down from "Professional" to "Advanced" member? Or because I'm back on a 14 day trial? I have returned to Pipedrive after leaving in February. All is back in place but for the sync problem.

Pipedrive doesn't seem to want to integrate right now and I feel my intent to invite clients to a webinar this weekend will be lost.

Help ?


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    Hi @Doots

    If you are using our Email sync functionality then it is working the same on Advanced and Professional and also trial time should not affect it. Best if you can check this directly with our Support team via in-app chat or email They will check the settings and might ask for some examples also to better understand the issue.

    As to Jotform integration, then we don't have visibility over this setup or settings from our side to understand what is wrong so best to check with JotForm. But to rule out any issues from our side, you can still check with our Support team also.

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