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There needs to be a feature where a user can have multiple simultaneous email address. These addresses should be able to be selected at the time of sending. The purpose would be to allow a user to have a private corporate email address and a corporate shared address (like Then an entire sales team could use one point of contact address without concern over sharing more private customer facing sales emails (which could be sent through the personal account).

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jdavis1296 , something to address that need is coming out very soon! Sign up to our upcoming Product Talk to find out more.

  • Ricardo Baroni Rodrigues

    Hello, any updated on the launch of this feature? We were expecting some kind of Beta launch by now... Thanks, Ricardo.

  • Pipedrive User 164

    Check in pipedrive mail settings of your account to see if there is a button to add another email account. I know that adding additional email addresses has been rolled out. Maybe check the knowledge base as it may only be for certain plans.

  • Ricardo Baroni Rodrigues

    Thanks for the comment, I have started using multiple emails. However, the challenge we have is that we would like to use a shared email address, something like sales@...

    Ideally each user would have acess to their personal email and also the shared main email from the company. Since the shared email is the main source of incoming leads in our company, all users would be able to see and process new coming leads.

    Currently, if we want to manage the incoming email leads, we have to login to only 1 account that has this main email. This already causes issues, but in adidtion, when we assign the lead to one user, he cannot just repply to the initial email from the customer, since it was not sent to his account. Today, they create a new email and have to copy and paste all text and change the subjetc to re:** . This is so the customer knows that we are repplying to his email.

    I've tried a couple of third party apps but they don't work very well. If anybody has any ideas would be greatfull.

    Apparentely Pipedrive is saying that the shared email function will be available soon. Let's see. Txs, Ricardo.

  • Matt Nicholls
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    I know this is an old thread but has anybody been able to figure out how to use a shared email account?