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Hi PD developer team, would be nice to have an option to define text fields (not drop down or multiple option) to be save with Capital Letter, you can write "demotest" or "DeMOtESt" or whatever you want, at the end should show "DEMOTEST". Many users write person or company names as they want and databases are a totally disaster so this can uniform some text fields.

So in the define field space would a plus to have a checkbox to indicate...."WITH CAPITAL LETTER".

Take care

Mauricio Dabdoub

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  • Graham Cox
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    This would definitely help, particularly where some fields are used in email templates. For example, sometimes you want the field data to be lower case because the field will be used in the middle of a sentence in the template email.


    I agree with Graham, also the configuration should be for any text field, custom or system (like Person name or Organization name o even email or address ......), when you confirm to write the field content in capital letter, it should show as this when you fill the box in creating new prospect, lead, organization, person ....

    I hope this request fly asap to the roadmap.