Projects needs a tighter integration into the Pipedrive


Projects working fairly well, but would like to see a tighter integration into the core Pipedrive. For example:

When you mark a deal as won and create a project using a template, the deal is linked to the project. However, the deal does not make it down to an activity that is created as part of the project. Nor can the deal be linked to an activity manually created in a project. This would be very useful. Oddly, it you go to the activity view and have the deal column displayed, you can actually link the deal to the activity from there. But that is very manual and kind of defeats the purpose of the project template with activities created there.

Projects need to get some custom field love. Strangely, cannot currently add custom fields to projects.

On the activities view, would be nice to be able to add a filter that is based off of a project. Current options are Lead, Deal, Organization, Person or Activity. Seems a very logical extension that filtering based on project should be added.

For autolinking emails, would be nice to set a priority. For some reason, it seems to like to auto link to a project instead of the deal. Since the project is linked to the deal already, I would rather have the email link to the deal than the project.

Thanks for listening...

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