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I have created a workflow automation, where when a project status is changed to "Completed", an email is to be sent out. In the email subject, i need Project Title, and First name of contact person. I am seeing a strange behavior :

If i select Send email based on template, then in the template i can insert a field called "Title" and "First Name" --> First name seems to come from Contacts. When an email goes out, the Project Title is always empty (it seems somehow the automation fails to pick up project information).

If i select a Send email option, and then create the subject and body directly in the automation, i can select "project title" (works great), and "project contact person name". Here there is no option of "first name".

I need to send an email with Project Title and First Name. Something i am unable to do with either of the above options. IS there a workaround ?

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    Hi @uzair khan

    Thank you so much for the detailed information and the screenshots, they've helped me understand why this is happening. I ran a few tests on my side and the reason why you are not getting the Project title is because you need to add something to the "email template" section in your automation. You just need to add the "Email Template Project" option.

    Here's a screenshot to help you:

    This is what is going to determine from what item the email is going to pick up the fields, so that needs to be enabled and added so that it works.

    I hope this helps you and makes sense!


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