Unique Identifying Job Number for all new Deals and Projects

Hi all, my organisation has previously requested that Pipedrive add a section for job numbers.

We assign a job number to every new client that follows them through our sales, installation and after care service.

We're currently using an alternate software to create that job number but it would help us a lot if Pipedrive could automatically assign a job number to every new deal. and that number stay with that client through to the projects board also.

It would also be great if there was a setting would could input what number to start generating from.

For example, Our current job numbers might be at 10230. so if we could have a field that allowed us to start any new job numbers from 10230 onwards and assign any new clients with a number there after, we could really simplify our process.

I'm sure there's other company's that would also want this feature. Please help..

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