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I would like to make a request to add some sort of linking between contacts/deals and any automations associated with those contacts/deals. Currently the only way I see how is to look at the date/time the automation was created and then sort and filter my contacts/deals to find it. I had an issue with an automation (my own fault) that caused several automations to fail. It will take me longer to find the contact/deal associated with each of those automations then it will to correct and re-run them. It would also apply to having to cancel an automation manually when contact is made and having a link from the contact/deal to the automation. Some sort of link would be greatly appreciated.

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    Totally agree with this request. There is currently no way for me to easily stop an individual automation. Let's say I created a simple sequence with 3 emails. (I did this recently for feedback gathering for all accounts ever created)

    Naturally some of the mails bounced and I couldn't just go into the account and take if off the automation.