Making Organisation fields required on a certain funnel stage

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Hello everyone,

we are building a Pipeline, where we want to have certain custom fields for the organisation to be required. But only when a deal progresses into a certain pipeline stage.

Just like you can make custom fields inportant in a certain funnel stage, we want to make certain fields required in a certain funnel stage.

Support told us this is not possible, is anyone familiair with this problem and is there a solution to make this possible?


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Wouter N.!

    This is expected, since marking organisation fields as required means that users won't be able to save the organisation if tat field is empty. Deal fields, on the other hand, work in a different way - and for those you can make them required on specific stages of specific pipelines (as seen here).

    The only workaround for what you would like to achieve would be using deal fields other than organisation fields. If that does not help, my suggestion is to share your feedback with our Product Team, right here.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi @Wouter N.

    @Leonardo Zimmermann Is leading you almost to a solution.

    Make a deal-field for this and then make a automation: Updated Deal -> If deal-field (that you setted up) was changed or added -> Update Organisation (the field that you also setted up as a deal field) with the informations from the deal-field.

    With this solution you cant upgrade the organisation field but you have to upgrade the deal field and the organisation field got updated automaticly. And you save the information no only temporary in the deal.

  • Wouter N.
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    Hello Gurus,

    Thank you for the suggestion, and thank you Leonardo for the input.

    We are working with a different automation tool that is connected to the API, where we update organisation field. We have seen this suggestion and this will not be a suitable solution for our case, because we are also updating organsation field in different places.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but we will have to wait for the new feature of organisation fields that can be made required when a deal has reached a specific point in the pipeline.

    Best Regards,


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