Gantt Chart View & Client Maintenance Option

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Hi, is there any chance that a Gantt Chart view or similar long term project planning visualisation tool will be available soon. Currently, to get that feature I would have to use Asana which, as Pipedrive Projects and Asana have overlapping features would mean that I would rather not use Pipedrive Projects and simply link Asana to my Pipedrive. I would really love to keep everything as simple as possible and under one roof but a visualisation and planning tool is essential. Is this something that we can expect to see soon or at all or would it make sense to just establish our project management on another linked product and unsubscribe from Projects.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Bronwyn thanks for your feedback! There are no plans in the very short term to add such a feature to Pipedrive's project management feature. However, I will convert your question into product feedback so our team can research this possibility 🙂