Insight reports tracking Total Gross Revenue (how to do it?)

Derek Murrell
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I understand there are 3 ways to track income. I also understand where the system is pulling the date from. There is the lump sum deal value, the recurring revenue, and the payment schedule. The issue I'm finding is the 1-time deal value can't be reported alongside the other 2 forms of revenue. These are separate reports. Therefore, I can never pull one report to see the GROSS revenue received for a given period, whether a one-time payment or a series of equal payments, without doing a bunch of napkin math.

Our sales cycle is mixed. A product is paid with a large amount in year 1, but in years 2 and 3 there is a recurring amount that is different than year 1, and in years 4+ there is another recurring amount different than years 1, 2, and 3 that is much smaller. Example, if someone is on year 7 and paying $100 a month, I'd like to see this in the "green" bar of "won" revenue for that month that is also added to any other type of revenue received (for example, with year 1's lump sum revenue from other clients). I already have to have different "deal files" to segregate the types of income being received for tracking, but I still need the income streams data to talk to each other.

Yes, there can be a "total value" to go alongside the payment plans but that doesn't really help any. It's confusing as that isn't really received revenue and we want to track revenue as received all in one report or else than can greatly impact planning as we think we're making much more than received.

Am I overlooking something? thanks!


  • Amit Sarda (

    I would suggest considering Coupler or Flatly to build a data pipeline and then visualize the data in a BI tool like Tableau.

    You can read more about building a data pipeline for Pipedrive in this article.

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    Can Pipedrive fix this? why should I pay for an external app if this is a CRM and should be able to sum the entire income in the reports.

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    Some of the concerns in this regard remind me that pipedrive is focused on making in easier for salespeople to chase and get sales, not manage the finer details of financials. It sure has strayed from its focus a bit and I see users are pushing for it to stray more. Still mostly happy with pipedrive but I hope it maintains focus.