Zapier - Pipedrive: What can I do that the tags are not overwritten

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I just can't get any further with Zapier and pipedrive. I use different websites with different forms. I create the people via Zapier and assign all the parameters. As soon as the same person enters another form, the tag should simply be added/written in Pipedrive. So far I've solved this via "update person" in Zapier. However, Zapier replaces the old tag with the new one. But I would like the old one to stay there to see the progress of what the lead has already requested. Does anyone have a solution for me there?


  • David Gurr (

    Hi Ron.

    It seems like you need more logic in your workflow ... for example, if the user exists, add another tag instead.

    Many people find that Make ( is much better at more complex business logic than Zapier. Plus, for most workloads, Make is cheaper than Zapier.

  • Gabriel Ramos
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    Hey Ron,

    You can add a Path, for searching a person, it it exits you take what is in the label, and then onde you update you update with the Old one+the new one, or make 2 different zaps one with if the person exits and one if the person does not exists.

    Fro what I gather the update will overwrtie what was there before, so you need to include what was there before when you are writing in that field.

    If you have more doubts fell free to send me a e-mail