Ability/Authority to Unlink & Link Emails by Administrators

The biggest bug I have experienced with Pipedrive is the auto-linking of emails to incorrect Deals.

I fully understand why and how Pipedrive links emails to Deals, and why and how it might accidentally link an email to the wrong Deal (which happens a lot for me!).

The big issue is the ability/authority to Unlink an email when we encounter an error and then link it to the correct Deal. At the moment, even though I am the Administrator/Owner of Pipedrive for our business, I do not have the ability to Unlink an email, unless I was the one who either sent or received it. I've been told that this is for "Privacy reasons", which makes no sense, as all of my colleagues have already agreed to Share their emails. I am not trying to change or delete the email, I simply want to ensure that it is linked to the correct Deal!

As it stands, the only way to get the email Unlinked and then Linked to the correct Deal is to track down the colleague involved and get them to do it. Sounds easy, but when there could be 9 or 10 colleagues copied on emails, this can be quite a laborious task, especially if this is happening many times every week!

The simple solution would be to give the ability/authority to Administrators to Unlink and then correctly Link emails, regardless of who sent or received them. There could even be additional approval given by individual users if this was deemed necessary (although, I don't see why it should be).

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