Ability to change the owner of all assets belonging to one user at once

Upon trying to deactivate a user, you are presented with a summary of what they own (how many deals, activities, etc). Unfortunately, there is no easy way to reassign them, and using filters to find matching numbers of at least activities proves very difficult.

I request that the functionality be added to easily reassign them at this point if, for instance, a staff change happens so that the amount of manual work for administration is reduced.

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  • This should be doable with filters and even with CSV export and import.

    The best thing to do would be to reassign before deactivating the user.

  • Ross Uren
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    Emphasis on the word should. Unfortunately not in practice.

    I was in touch with someone from Pipedrive today and they were unable to really help me with finding all the activities assigned to one user, which are over 100, where I can only see 45.

    Hopefully, it's understandable that this process certainly could be made easier and it would be an excellent improvement for the service.

  • I have done this multiple times for my clients, so I know this is possible