This is a topic I see across numerous discussions and regarded in a few idea submissions but seems like no progress or solution had been created within the Pipedrive System.

The organization of files within a deal is severely lacking. Selection to only view files includes every single email that has an attachment which is sometimes just a portion of the signature block. For my company, it is such a pain point that it's easier to keep files elsewhere which is a shame. It creates unnecessary steps and an inefficient process when the functionality is technically in Pipedrive but isn't user-friendly. Here are a few options I see fit as some sort of solution ranked from #1 being the most helpful/ideal.

  1. A folder system within a deal to organize files, with the ability to drag and drop from deal emails.
  2. The ability to filter or do a word search among files and attachments in a deal
  3. Excluding email attachments when looking at 'files'
  4. The ability to pin certain files to the top of a deal
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