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Instead of deleting a contact, can we archive the contact? I do not want to transfer all their data to a new contact. We work on capital projects that take months to years to close. Contacts can come and over from the companies we are working with, and it would be nice to still keep all their data (emails especially, Activities, Deals, etc.). Ideally, their name would be grayed out on the company, and their Marketing status would move to Archive, but all the data would still be there.

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @zachgrosel 👋

    At the moment, we don't have an "archived" status for the contact itself, only for the marketing status, but I'm aware that this would be a great status to have as it would offer a better way to organize your Pipedrive account - I'll be sure to pass this feedback internally!

    In the meantime, allow me to leave a couple of suggestions:

    1- You can use a custom field to track down those contacts OR to even leave them out by applying a filter. Let's say you'd create a custom field titled "status" and make it a single option field, you can then select an option like "do not contact" or "archived". When looking at your contacts, you can apply a filter that would leave out those contacts.

    2- Use the same idea as 1 but instead of a custom field, you can use a Label.

    With that, you could then bulk update those contacts' Marketing status to "archived". Hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to our Support team if needed, perhaps they can offer further assistance.

  • zachgrosel
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    @Andreia Costa Thank you for answering! I appreciate you passing this feedback internally. We are currently using Suggestion 2 with a "Left Company" Label. Hopefully this is a feature you could add in the future.

  • Brandon Wood_1990
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    I would LOVE an archive feature. Right now I am debating about deleting old contacts, contacts that have retired, left the industry, or those who unfortunately are no longer with us.

  • zachgrosel
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    @Brandon Wood_1990 What we started doing is putting an asterisk (*) in front of their name so we can visually see that they are no longer with the company as it is still valuable to see the old data. As noted above, we also then put the Label as "Left Company" and Unsubscribe them from campaigns. It would still be helpful if Pipedrive would add the "archived" feature!

  • Pipedrive User 164
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    I simply add text in parentheses to then end of their name. Bad email, Retired, left company. See attached image. This works well for me and is a simple solution that is immediately visible. Its also east to create a filter to find them all.

  • zachgrosel
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    @Brad Krause Thank you for your feedback! That is a good idea as well.