We need the Messaging page menu permissions to become configurable

LianLian Global
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Hi, I'd like to submit a business requirement to you, can you add a permission configuration switch to the 'Unassigned' and 'Assigned to other users' message lists, so that when they are turned off, they are visible to everyone. When turned off, only users with Pipedrive administrator role can see these two message lists.

Our company promotes our products from Facebook Page, and assigns BDs to serve customers after their inquiries, and the messages sent from customers' Facebook to Pipedrive can be synchronized in time. The existing function of 'Messaging' is great, but we hope that each BD can not disturb the session after being assigned to the session, so as to ensure the relative independence of the session, which can also ensure the information security and control the risk in a relatively small scope.

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    Hi @LianLian Global thank you for the feedback, which I have passed on to our product team for further research 📝

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    The rationale behind this feature enhancement is to ensure that each BD can focus on their assigned customer sessions without disrupting or accessing other sessions. By providing relative independence to each session, we aim to enhance information security and control risks within a smaller scope.