LeadBooster Deal Naming Issues?

Emilia Kronschnabel
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Hi All, Anybody here using Leadbooster? If so, does it also bother you that the deal name has to be the same as the person? We're setup so that all of our deal titles are the company name, and leadbooster makes it impossible to do so. Thinking of switching back to drift, but love that leadbooster is built in to PD. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing this, and if you have any work arounds! Thanks :) 



  • Filipe Portela
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    Hey Emilia! I was thinking about your case here and found a workaround that might suit you!

    You can build an automation that would convert the title of any deals that come in via Leadbooster to have the organisation name (or anything else) when these deals are created. Let me know what you think of this:

  • Emilia Kronschnabel
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    Thanks :)