Can I send an email-template/email with deal info where the to: address is not the person?


Hi there! I have two clients with a similar request. Hope that there is a work around, otherwise, @pipedrive requesting a feature update, please.

Use case: When sales agent is ready, send a template email with a deal's printing requests (custom fields) to the printing team.

Currently when you change the to address it changes the deal inputs

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hey, @emily1_flowdigital!

    When we have a template with deal placeholders and we want to send an email using this template from the Mail section directly, those fields will be populated with the information of the deal that is associated with the email address you insert in the "to" section of your email composer (in case there is one), like this:

    If there are more than one deal associated with that email address, Pipedrive will ask you link that email to one of the existing deals.

    In order to work around this, the email with the details of a specific deal can be sent from within the deal detail view directly. In this case, the template's placeholders will be populated with the information of that specific deal, and will not take the email address that is inserted in the "to" section of the email composer into consideration to update placeholders. Here is an example:

    I hope this helps, but in case you have further questions, please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.

    Thank you.