AI + Automation opportunities

Nuno Oliveira
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Hi everyone! Nuno from Pipedrive's product team here :)

As we explore how AI can help you better automate your work, we would love hearing from your experience.

What tasks are you already using AI to automate your work, and what is the benefit?

What tasks would you like to automate that you feel AI could help with, and why?

Thank you!


  • Suzanne
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    better auto matching of emails to deals. Using is email address alone is very faulty. fairly easy to use AI, pattern matching, regexp or other to do a better job of matching. Quite often the deal is even detailed in the subject itself. Sounds like a good match for AI that learns.

  • Gabriel Ramos
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    What Deal Should we be paying attention that seem likely to fail, or seems on grasp or turning a sale, so management can focus on there.

    We use rotten time, but that is not Machine Learning based.