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II am a commercial real estate broker. I find many properties for sale and i send them out to my developer clients. We call it a property survey. I wand would like any feedback on how I can keep track o properties i amf the s am a broker in commercial real estate and need help with keeping trac of propeAttac. thank you!hed is a visual and brreak down belowrties I am sending out to my clients (mostly developers). Is there a way to keep track of this?

  1. I have entered a lot of my developer/investor clients into the system as Contacts (and will continue to add new ones)
  2. I find a property in the market that I think “x” developer would be interested in, so I want to go ahead and include it into a survey of options to send to them. 
  3. How should I enter this new property in Pipedrive? Labeled in the photo below as “Property 1, 2, etc”
  4. I want to be able to view all the properties that I have sent out to that particular client, and the date I sent them. Is there a way to do that? Is there a way to autom


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    Hi Darren,

    Keeping track of the properties you send out to your developer clients is crucial for managing your business efficiently. Pipedrive can be a helpful tool for organizing and tracking your property surveys. Here's a step-by-step example on how you can achieve this:

    1. Deal Management: In Pipedrive, create a new "Deal" for each property survey you send out to a specific client (developer). You can label these deals as "Property Survey for [Client Name]" or any other relevant title.
    2. Add Properties as Products: Treat each property as a "Product" within the Deal. You can add the property details, such as address, description, and any other relevant information, as product details.
    3. Link Contacts to Deals: Link the developer/investor client (Contact) to the corresponding Deal (Property Survey). This way, you'll have all the relevant information in one place.
    4. Use Notes and Attachments: Within each Deal, you can use the "Notes" section to add specific information about the property survey or any discussions with the client regarding that particular property. You can also attach relevant documents, such as property brochures or photos.
    5. Track Dates: Use the "Activity" feature in Pipedrive to log the date you sent the property survey to the client. You can create an "Email" activity and add notes about the contents of the email or survey.
    6. Filter and View Properties Sent: Pipedrive offers filtering options that allow you to view all the properties you've sent to a particular client. You can create custom filters based on the client's name and the associated Deal.
    7. Automation: While Pipedrive has automation capabilities, such as setting reminders or sending follow-up emails, it's essential to check the specific features available in your Pipedrive subscription and explore automation possibilities that align with your requirements.

    Regularly update your records and maintain the information in Pipedrive to ensure accurate tracking and efficient communication with your clients.

    If you encounter any specific challenges or need further assistance in setting up your Pipedrive account for property surveys, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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  • Darren Cain
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    Thank you, Noora for your time and help. I think i have a general grasp of the steps, just trying to figure out if this achieves my objective. Is there a way I could set up a time to walk through it with you or someone else in real time?