Is there a way to link leads to a deal (or vice versa)?

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The only way I can see to link leads to deals is by converting the lead into a deal.

Sometimes we have multiple leads connected to a single deal (for example, leads from different individuals at the same company, or leads that came in a year apart/for different reasons or products).

Other scenarios might be: a lead goes cold and gets archived, but then the customer comes back ready to buy (so you create a deal); or someone might forget to convert the lead into a deal (and create a new standalone deal).

Are there other ways to link leads and deals? Can you link multiple leads to a deal?



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    You can combine them by following these steps without converting them into an deals.

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    I am having this same issue. The merge feature only lets me merge a lead with another lead. How can I mark a lead as converted to a deal if the deal already exists (the made a purchase after the lead was archived)?