Images in campaigns shrink to 97% when border is added

I am having an issue in campaigns when creating content. I've added image blocks that span the entire row and uploaded company branded header and footer images. I added outside borders to all rows within my email, but when doing so on the rows containing the image blocks, Pipedrive automatically shrinks my images to 97%, leaving a visible white space between the image and the border when the email is delivered. I have turned off the Auto Width feature and manually dragged the slider to 100%, but every time I save and exit, the slider reverts back to 97%. I have confirmed all padding on the image and border is at 0. I have also tried using a different browser to see if the save function would act differently, but no luck. Visually I want the border to make my content stand out, but the white space between my image and my border is unacceptable. Any way that this has already been brought up or is in the works to get fixed?

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