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I'm sure most businesses need to know that the date that a product has been sold, and I am surprised this basic level of information is not included in Pipedrive.

Ideally we want to run reports on products sold (by type) that week. It would also be good if the product notes could also pull through on the list view.



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    Hi there,

    I think, that you dont use pipedrive right to see this informations. When you add products and change the deal to won. Then its one sell. Like 5x Product A, 5x product B. Won. And you can set an automation, that instantly a new deals opens for this customer for future sells.

    If you do it like this, than you can set up a insight with: Deal-Performance-> Product is Product B, status is won, date of won is last month.

    Now you can see the summary of sold products B and also the summary by value in € or $.

    Sometimes you need to change your processes and workflows to get what the system can deliver. If you dont want to change it, then you need to make a own system for you business. :D.

    Note: I just made 5 minutes research in the insights tool.

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