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Hi there,

I would appreciate if w/ all the tutorials also comes explanation of what you can do in different modes/plans- I already watched the ,,Choose the best plan for you" anyway, it would make sense to mention these informations in most of your posted courses or adding a note into each intro- what can be done with different plans.

Am I blind or it's not available?

Thank you!



  • Noora Ainesjarvi
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    Hi Monika,

    I appreciate your interest in tutorials. You're absolutely right; providing information about what you can do in different modes/plans is crucial.

    I'd be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you to go through our various plans together. This way, I can personally explain the features, benefits, and differences of each plan while addressing any specific questions or concerns you may have.

    Zimple is the Elite partner of Pipedrive in Europe and we are here to help you in all matters related to the system.  It is important to us that you enjoy using Pipedrive as much as possible.

    Book the meeting here.

    Looking forward to meeting with you soon!

    Best regards,

    Noora Ainesjärvi

    Account Manager

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  • Monika
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    Hi Noora,

    I would prefer to have notes under tutorials- I am not able specify each step. as we do have only essential licenses but when I try some of the functions mentioned I can see they are not available- maybe could be useful to create folders for each license and tutorials for sections possible to adjust/manage in this plan/license.

    Would you have something like this?

    I would prefer paper/ written version therefore I can present it further.

    Can you share?

    Thanks a lot,


  • James Campbell
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    Hello all!

    Thank you for this feedback @Monika

    I think what you're suggesting makes a lot of sense. The good news is we've recently upgraded our Learning platform and we could find a way to include such a note on each tutorial for which plan it's available on, and we can also create categories for the plans.

    We will implement this strategy very soon. 👍️ Thank

  • Monika
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    Hi James,

    What a news!

    I think this may be useful also for someone to decide which licenses are best fit for them.

    Thanks a lot,