Send WooCommerce order to a Pipedrive deal

Hi everyone!

I would like to send an order from WooCommerce to Pipedrive in a new deal. Which automation app do you use to do this?

Thank you!

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    Make ( is a highly visual workflow automation platform with pre-built connectors for over 1,400 apps, including Pipedrive and WooCommerce.

    You can easily build workflows using if-then-else branching and iteration. For example, for your example scenario your workflow might be:

    • Watch for new WooCommerce Orders
    • Check Pipedrive for a corresponding Account record - if it doesn't exist, create it
    • For each line item in the WooCommerce order, extract it and put it into an array in the format that Pipedrive is expecting for the Products attached to a Deal
    • Create the Pipedrive Deal record, including the Products array
    • Send a Slack message to a channel to alert staff to the new order
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    You could use either of Make/Integromat or Zapier.