Segment or split an automation into different paths

I would really like the ability to split an automation into different paths. Each path would run based on different filters and conditions. Please add to your list of ideas to implement

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  • Simon - JYGA
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    Je pense qu'il serait vraiment bien d'avoir la possibilité de donner 2 actions possibles à nos conditions.

    Proposer 1 "chemin" si la condition est vrai, un second si elle est fausse.

    exemple :

    Envoie d'un mail + délai

    si "l'email à reçu une réponse" est :

    • vrai - alors action : changement d'étape
    • faux - alors action : mail relance

  • Rodrigo Rojas
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    We need to request in workflows to have a PATH function, similar of what ZAPIER has to build conditional workflows (, since for example we need to do certain workflows that have different "paths" due to a conditional.


    "We have 4 sales teams and we need to build a workflow to convert into a project based on the leader of each team and assign different activities based on the owner of the deal, so in this case we need to build 4 different workflows. If we only have "conditional" functionality, we can just build only 1 workflow and look for the owner and take the path to do that, similar of what is done in chatbots."

    This will help the live of too many people like us that fill out hundreds of workflows in semi-complex situations like this.

  • Rodrigo Rojas
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    What do you think about this guys?

  • lloydmedley
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    I'd really like this too. I can make it work anyway with multiple of automations, but this would greatly simplify things.

    E.g. If stage is changed to "2" then "send email template 2", or if it was changed to stage "3" then "send email tempalte 3" etc. It could all be done in one automation.

  • Graham Cox
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    I'm not 100% but I think this may be in the works Rodrigo. Got a feeling they mentioned conditional paths in workflow automations during the last webinar. I could be wrong though.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, there is something along these lines being worked on. I will be sure to gather community feedback in one post so the product team can go over it.