New: Flexible tax and discounting for Products 🧮 📦

Jess Stacey
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Hi I’m Jess 👋 a PM at Pipedrive working on the Products feature, and I wanted to let you know that we’ve just released more flexible tax and discounting for products.

What will you get with this release?

  • Flexibly configure the price of your deals with the right tax method. You can now add tax exclusive of product amounts, and see the subtotal excluding tax, as well as the total with tax.
  • Add product discounts as fixed values (e.g. $10), you’re no longer constrained to adding discounts as a %.
  • Create additional discounts on the total deal, these discounts are applied to all the products in the deal

Where: The new functionality can be found in the add products to deal modal that appears when you add products to deals. You can also set your tax method preference in the Products settings.

Availability: All plans

Looking forward to any feedback you may have on this!



  • mathi96
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    So, what if you are a company selling products including and excluding vat?

    For example here in Denmark all "insurance products" are without VAT but the rest of the products on a deal could be VAT included.

    Putting the VAT on a deal, is not smart. It should be based on the product, and on the company/person that the deal is related to. On most accounting softwares, the products are setup by defining what VAT should be applied when the buyer is "within the country" or "without the contry, for example EU" or "rest of the world". Thereby you have the VAT combined with the buyer, who is associated with a "country code / or region" and thereby the tax is determined.

    What could be nice thought (on short term) is just being able to take tax/vat out of specific products on the deal and add vat to the rest of the products. But thinking about VAT on a deal-level is much more complex, than what Pipedrive seem to have done here.

  • Craig Beaumont
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    Firstly it's Fantastic to finally have this feature, it is literally a game changer in our business, so well done team PD.

    One thing I have noticed is that when you "toggle off" a product line in a deal it still appears as a product line in "SmartDocs" with 0 value, it would be better that it didn't show up in "SmartDocs" at all.

    As a business we frequently quote for different options on our products, so the ability to toggle on and off options and not show the toggled off option on a field quote or order would be also be a game changer in the quoting process.

  • Pipedrive User 164
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    Is it not possible to just override the final price and then have the unit price calculate off that?