A link to the deal and/or the contact in the calendar entry

Chris from Hamburg
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With Pipedrive, you can specify that details about the deal and/or the contact person should be saved in the Outlook calendar. This is already good but not good enough.

However, there is no link in the Outlook calendar to jump from this calendar entry directly in Pipedrive to the right deal or the right contact, in order to enter details there or to be able to quickly read up on points.

To the product team of Pipedrive: Please add a link to the deal and the contact person in the calendar entry, which is then synchronized with the connected calendar. You should also be able to have only the links in the calendar entry without the name and phone numbers. This would also serve data security, because you would then have to click on the link to see the details of the person and/or the deal and the data would not be stored freely available in the calendar.

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