Problem: notice about credit card data in forms is customer-unfriendly

Under all forms in Pipdrive the following sentence is displayed mandatory "Never share sensitive information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords) through this form.".

This is just annoying and also total nonsense. If I only ask for the name and email address in the form to subscribe to the newsletter or order a case study, why should the customer get this notice. It just makes the form longer and more unpleasant for the customer. The customer thinks about something where there is no reason to think about it.

Urgent request to Pipedrive product team: please remove this notice from all forms. Why does Pipedrive think to care about something that is none of Pipedrive's business? As a company, I am responsible for the data that I request from the customer. If Pipedrive thinks it wants to play policeman here, then this notice should only appear if a free text field is used in the form or if a custom field with free text is used in the form. Only then could there be a risk that the developer of the form might ask for credit cards or other sensitive data in an illegal way.

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