Does it affect the "WON" report if we change it back to Pipeline after the won status

Ari Siivikko
Ari Siivikko Member Posts: 2

Hi all!

Does someone know if this affect the conversion rate for WON:

  • We change the status to WON
  • After that we change the status back to Pipeline
  • We must use the same deal number - cannot change it as we need the same deal number for internal use




  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hi @Ari Siivikko ,

    Yes if you reopen a deal (and was won before) it will affect your conversaion rate because the deal will not be won anymore but open for Pipedrive.

    So the deal will not be took in consideration.

    Why do you reopen the deal ?

  • Skiman
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    Hi Ari,

    I think if you reopen deal (was Won in the past), it will affect the rate.

    What is reason behind keeping the deal for internal use?



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