Lost reasons - renaming the existing ones duplicates the entries in the report

Samo Jurdik
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We had 4 lost reasons. I changed the name of the same existing lost reasons. Basically just translation changes. I did not delete or add anything - just changed the existing ones.

Now in reporting, the old wording stayed there with its old values and the new translations appeared as if these were NEW lost reasons - but in fact they are the same ones.

It seems like in the database they don't have their IDs but that the values are linked to their names. Horrible. Now the whole reporting is wrong. What shall I do now please? Thanks!

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    Select deals from the list view and update lost reasons manually. If the previous lost cause was X, if you manually made the new lost cause Y, you should manually make the lost causes that are X -Y. The problem will be solved after that.

    If your problem persists, send me an email. I will be happy to help you.