Information not showing up in Deal section

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I have 3 colleagues, we all use Pipedrive. When our deal origination director adds a new deal and links an organisation to that deal, and subsequently adds notes into the Deal, all my colleagues can see these notes in the Deal section of the platform.

I do not see these notes/comments unless I click on the Organisation and then they appear.

Basically my interface/experience is different to my team members and since we do everything from a Deal perspective, this added issue is causing me to miss information that is on the platform.

Any suggestions?


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    Hi @Chase

    I would first suggest to clear cache and cookies on your browser and make sure the browser is updated. If the issues still continue, I suggest reaching out via the Quick Help question mark inside the system to start the chat flow. The team might need some more details and comparison screenshots on what is happening to check further. Thank you!