Korean translations are changed without notice. Can you announce such changes in advance?

Ted Youn
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This is Ted from Hashsnap, a master reseller in South Korea.

Recently, Pipedrive changes Korean translation of many crucial terms in Pipedrive; for example,

  • Person: it used to be '인명', but now it's '고객'
  • Deal title: it used to be '거래명', but now it's '이름'

Many Korean customers complained that these translations are changed without notice, and I believe they have a good reason to complain.

If you plan to change the translation of important terminologies such as 'Person' and 'Deal title', would you please announce in some places like What's new category?

I welcome any suggestions, but the point is that we'd like to know in advance when Korean translation is changed for these crucial terms in Pipedrive.


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Ted Youn

    Thank you for suggesting this. I will share this with the team. Usually, we do not announce translation changes as they are to align among different features or to correct mistakes. This is also why you see "Person" using 2 different terms on the shared screenshot - we are in the middle of changes and aligning and some parts of the UI reflect still the old version. We are aware of this and checking further.

    However, I fully understand that it is confusing to have essential terms like these changed and am sorry for the inconvenience here.