Email template that use the Liquid Engine.


Hi there :)

I really love Piepdrive, but the email templating is a bit weak.

I really wish to have more flexibility and have fallback for custom fields if they are not set like in who uses the Liquid engine syntax :

With those, maybe we can then hope to have email draft and / or direct sending via API...

Have a great day y'all !

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  • Meher
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    Hi @Upwwward I'm the Product Manager for the Email team at Pipedrive, and we're currently exploring ways to enhance the template experience. We'd greatly appreciate the chance to talk with you to delve deeper into this idea. Your insights would invaluable in making sure the solutions meets your needs. Would you be open to discussing this idea further with us over a call?

  • Upwwward
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    Hi @Meher, sure. Send me a link to book a call.