Webinar Q&A: Leveraging Pipedrive Insights for data-driven decisions

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Hello everyone! ☀️

We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your participation in last week's webinar, "Leveraging Pipedrive Insights for Data-Driven Decisions." Your presence contributed to the success of the event, and we are truly appreciative of your engagement.

If you missed our webinar, you can find the recording below. ⬇️

We were delighted by the insightful questions that were raised during the session. Your eagerness to learn and your thoughtful inquiries are what make these webinars so valuable.

As promised, we have been diligently working on addressing the questions that were asked during the webinar. You can now find the answers in the comments section below.

Have a beautiful day!

Webinar team


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    • Can you create reports from filters in the various objects (person, organization, activities, etc.) by clicking on a button in that filtered view and have it show in the dashboard or reports section?
    • Great idea, this is something we hope to have one day. At the moment filters in Insights work slightly different then the rest of Pipedrive. Something we have to align first before we can get to the report creation straight from our filters.

    • Is it possible to make a report on a contact source without using the standard label ?
    • Once we add contact custom fields support which is in the plans you can use custom source fields for this. For now it's not there but we're working on it.

    • It would be convenient for us to have a report that displays the products under maintenance for various clients, which we can share as a reference report for assistance. Is it possible to implement this report?
    • Unfortunately I'm not a 100% sure what is meant by this question. It would be great if you can rephrase it here on the community or reach out to our support team via the in-app chat or support@pipedrive.com so we can help you. 

    • Where can I purchase a Pipedrive shirt?
    • Unfortunately, we do not offer Pipedrive swag for sale outside the company.

    • Allowing QuickBooks online to connect with data in insights to add live data in a value field of actual billing would be helpful
    • We currently are working on several steps to improve the foundation of Insights. Once that is solid we can think about public APIs which can then connect to 3rd party solutions outside of Pipedrive. It's is currently in our idea drawer but some steps we need to take before we can get there.

    • Not Insights related but: when will you allow clients to pay with crypto currencies?
    • Thank you for the suggestion! We don't have a timeline currently for enabling crypto currencies, but if we will have a increased intent from our customers, then we will take it into consideration for our roadmap.

    • I am a sales manager at a piano store. The part that overwhelms me is getting Deal custom fields set up properly and Products so that we can track sales properly. Do you have an article or video that helps with what items you need in your deals to ensure you can get helpful reports later?
    • Hi Eric, at Pipedrive's "learn website" there is great content both around products and reporting. Check it out: https://learn.pipedrive.com/app in case some things are not clear yet, our support team is 24/7 there to answer any questions and we also got some amazing partners who you can contact with questions if needed: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/partners 

    • Could we have a feature, where you can add colour to your Leads. So you can see it in eye glance? And sort it on colours and date of activity
    • Thanks for sharing Milan, we've passed this feedback on to the team looking after leads. At the moment it's not in our roadmap but we'll consider it for any future updates

    • When i send email through Pipedrive, when i review it on outlook i see it in unclear, this is something that makes me very uncomfortable to use send emails through Pipedrive,
    • Hi Zevy, this sounds like something our support team should take a look at. Could you please reach out to them via chat inside Pipedrive or via support@pipedrive.com let's try to resolve this for you

    • How can I learn how to customize my sales reports so that targets added to pipedrive don't count as a deal amount?
    • When you set up goals for deals in Pipedrive you can chose value or count, make sure you select the right one. Learn more about setting goals here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/insights-goals

    • Are there any plans to have more integrations? Adobe Sign and Google Docs preferred
    • Currently these are not in the plans but we have passed your feedback on to our marketplace team

    • How can we filter the customers so that only the customers from our area are displayed to us? Currently I use a filter with postal codes, but customers from other countries are also displayed, although the countries are also stored in the filter
    • I'd recommend double check or potentially refresh/edit the address field you have on your organization it might be inacurately entered in the system. If this is all good and not helping please reach out to our support team so we can help you resolve this.

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    • Is there Search possibility in one Contact frame?
    • Currently you can not search in your reports yet by contact name, however, we have planned for the future to use text type fields in report filtering so stay tuned

    • Is it possible to loose existing datas during the process of customizing da pipe line?
    • I depends on the edit you make it's best to double check with our support team on the change. If you for example delete a stage you will lose the progress and conversion data as well as time spent in that stage. If you add a stage new deals that get there will be measured normal. Deals that have passed the stage already will be counted as having been there 0 days but have the stage as completed.

    • In the activity section of Pipedrive, is there a way to create a custom filter that will allow team members to visualize deals by touch rate? Backtrack and focus on those that are stale If so, how?
    • You can better go to the deal list view and there filter for deals where the last activity date was date x or within a certain timeframe. Also interesting can be to look at the contact timeline to see when you last contacted your contacts you have active deals with. Read more about filtering here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/filtering and about the contact timeline here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/contacts-timeline

    • hi - whom can I contact for questions on using "insights"? I would like to get some help to get started. Thanks!
    • Our support team is available for you 24/7 via live chat in the app as well as via support@pipedrive.com we also have lots of amazing partners all over the world who can help you with this: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/partners

    • Do you have an estimated date to implement those future plans?
    • Giving out ETA's is something we don't want to do too lightly as with software development it's sometimes hard to predict the time something would take. However, some of the updates shared today we can expect in the next few quarters.

    • Is it possible to automate emailing the reports?
    • At the moment not but it's a request we've heard before and it's something we're considering for future updates for sure.

    • Does sending a mail count as an activity or do you have to create an email activity and then mark it as done?
    • These are indeed two different things in Pipedrive one which you can both report. One is sending an email which you can track in the email reports. Another one is planning for example an activity for the future to send out an email which can be tracked in the activity report.

    • We are considering getting an upgrade to the Professional package and it would be really helpful to see a Forecast demo. Thanks.
    • Here's a tutorial on the feature: https://learn.pipedrive.com/app/courses/ba082bd1-782b-4860-b5c9-b695ab0789a7 check out our Learning Academy as well as the Knoweldge base for more insightsful content on the topic. If needed still reach out to our support team that can help you with all questions.

    • It would be great if Pipedrive activities recognised multi-channel outreach approaches - eg. 'LinkedIn message, Engaged with Post, SMS' is this on the roadmap?
    • We currently have a team working on what we call an "omni-channel" inbox. I'll be sure to pass on the feedback to them, thank you for sharing!

    • Is it possible to filter the dashboard to look only at Inbound leads? (i.e. filter on an organization level)
    • Yes, there is a an option to filter out the "lead source" so if that's defined you can include or exclude certain sources from your reports

    • Hi, We need to take the conversions in pipedrive to Facebook ads manager and Google ads to attribute the right conversion to specific campaigns. How can I do that?
    • There are several integrations with Pipedrive and these tools like for example via Zapier. It's also possible to export Pipedrive data or connect tools to Pipedrive and it's data via our API: https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1 depending on the skill level in your team one of these options can suit the best for you.

    • The Assignee choice is grey for me, I can't change it, do I have to change a specific parameter to change it?
    • Hi Céline, it's hard to understand what specifically you are referring to. I recommend to reach out to our support team in the app or via support@pipedrive.com so we can try to get you sorted

    • Il y a une limite d’édition de rapports selon le choix d’un plan. Lorsqu’on crée un tableau de bord et qu’on transfère la propriété à un autre user, les rapports s’intègrent dans son compte et peuvent atteindre le nombre limité de rapports d’un compte user ?
    • "Translation: There is a report editing limit depending on the choice of a plan. When creating a dashboard and transferring ownership to another user, the reports integrate into their account and can reach the limited number of reports of a user account? Answer: There are indeed limits of the amount of numbers you can have. In this case you would first need to deactivate a report or dashboard before being able to accept those of another user."

    • Struggle to generate dashboards for comparative analysis across multiple Pipelines - Conversions / Win rate across the pipelines - Is this possible?
    • Unfortunately you can't compare pipelines at the moment in one report. You'd have to create them separately and for example bring them together on one Dashboard to compare them. Comparing on reports is a request we've heard before though and are considering for future updates

    • Is it possible to prioritise tasks for end users?
    • Currently Pipedrive uses the due date as a way to priortise and there is no other custom way. I have passed on your feedback to our team working on tasks and activities in Pipedrive for any future updates here.

    • Can you link multiple deals for the same customer together?
    • Unfortunately this isn't possible right now. As a workaround you can create a custom text field where you would write the URL of the other deal(s). Nonetheless, I'll pass on your suggestion to our team working on deals.

    • I know that I can set weekly, monthly or annual goals, but what I want to know is if when I am winning business I can see those changes, that is, let's imagine that I have earned 10k in the first week of August, but in the second week I win another business for 4k, how can I see that evolution?
    • On the goal reports you can click on each month to drill down in the details of it. We also will show you a summary of the deals going in your goal on the table overview below your goal.
  • Dina Osman
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    • Is there anything in the road map for "goals" to involve segmenting by a custom field as opposed to the Pipeline?
    • At the moment this isn't in the plans specifically but we do plan to look at "goals" as whole later next year so we will consider this suggestion there

    • Will these questions and answers be forwarded with the recording of this video?
    • Definitely! The recording is shared via email and answers are on the Pipedrive community

    • Yes, but creating sections doesn't affect the view on the dashboard. I don't see any value other than that I can group the reports in the left sidebar.
    • That is correct, it's for your own organization. If you'd like to see them together you'd need to put them on a dashboard.

    • Can the process and dashboard be implemented into a customer success/onboarding pipeline?
    • Hi Adrian, could you clarify this question please or reach out to our support team about it?

    • Is using tags the best way to identify the platform (email, Facebook, instagram, webpage) by which each lead was generated?  I can’t find where else to put it
    • You can best create a "lead source" custom field if you'd like to do it manually. Our default lead source field will look at whether leads came from the webform, chatbot, etc.. but for own sources a custom field can do the trick for you to segment by.

    • Mark@ibselectronics: MPNs are just limited to 4 entries. Most of the time we have more than this to track in a single Deal.
    • Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure what is meant by this question. It would be great if you can rephrase it here in the community or reach out to our support team via the in-app chat or support@pipedrive.com so we can help you.

    • Can I add 2 or more "View by" or segments?
    • At the moment it's limited to one. Looking forward to understand the use case of your need, could you please clarify?

    • When I am creating a new report, I only have the visibility of my created deals and not the data of my others colleagues, how can I do to have the data of everyone?
    • For this you need the right visibility settings, take a look here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/visibility-groups your admin user can set you up with all the right rights and permissions

    • We need a conversion between the last stage of lead funnel to first stage of sales funnel. In the filters in insights one can only see conversions for each separate funnel. Could you enable this option?
    • Hi Lea, if you use the lead section in Pipedrive then you can create a lead conversion report to show how many turned into deals. Currently we don't have conversion between deal pipelines unfortunately but great suggestions for any future improvements.

    • I would like to see how many activities of which kind took place during which phase in the pipeline. I understand this is not yet possible. Any plans to make this possible in the future?
    • Once we enable the cross entity reporting we spoke about this will be possible. So stay tuned this is in our plans :)

    • "What are the main KPI you look for when trying to find the cause of issues in low gain rates?"
    • This really varies on the business you're in. One recommendation I can give is to go to the Pipedrive community, explain your business and ask the same question. Lots of like minded people are there that might help you with their answers.