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Can I get a recommendation on someone who specializes in setting up Pipedrive for a specific business? I am a mortgage broker that just started using Pipedrive and would like to see if someone can consult with me to see what it can be customized into that caters to my business needs.


  • Cejih Yung
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    Happy to help. A friend of mine is a real estate agent and we worked through his setup together. Lmk!

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    Cejih, can you email me, please? Thanks!

  • Joseph Valenti
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    My name is Joseph Valenti. I am a mortgage broker myself, and I separately also run

    I am pleased to confirm that Pipedrive is an excellent tool for mortgage professionals in any geography.

    It is responsive, flexible, configureable and it can include a wide range of automations that are particularly useful as deals progress through the funnel.

    If we were to work together, I would suggest that we begin by identifying valuable custom fields . These would include such things as: the address of the subject property, addresses of already owned-properties as well as information about mortgages on those properties., interest rates, closing dates, and many other fields that are of particular interest to your mortgage practice.

    The next step would be to identify the stages in your "pipeline". With my assistance you can choose the number of stages to include. and the labels to give them.

    A "messy-middle" of the project is integrating Pipedrive, as best we can, into your existing software tools.

    You may, or may not, choose to invest in certain data transfer technologies (such as or Zapier). We can speak about that later.

    A later, and possibly final step would be to define and initialize a number of automations. An example of such an automation would be an SMS message going out to your referral source when certain milestones are attained. There is nothing better than keeping a referral source up-to-date and happy!

    I invite you to please schedule a first video-call using the following link:

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Joseph Valenti


    Montreal, Canada