Create new lead when clicking link in campaign


Hello Pipedrive members,

I am testing with campaigns at the moment, so it could be that this question is already asked in the past but i can't find a solution.

I was wondering if it is possible to make an automation for creating a lead in the lead inbox when a subscribed contact clicks on one of ours links in the newsletter we are sending in the campaign. As far as I understand now, it is not possible to distinguish between different links in a newsletter. Is that right?

I'm curious if other users are also experiencing this.



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    Hi Tim,

    If there is a result, I would like to be informed too

  • Pipedrive Gurus
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    Hi Tim,

    I did not work long enogh with campaigns to check if this works but recently they updated the mail function in combination with automations. When you set up a automation to send an email -> Updated deal -> send mail, for example, then you be able to set a filter to wait for a condition. This can be: clicked on a link in this mail.

    Maybe there is a solution with the campaigns part in the auomations too. Just check it. :)