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Hello everyone

Can I upload Instagram and facebook comments to my pipedrive system as a lead? Or wouldn't it be nice if there was such an option.

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  • Sophie
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    Hi @inacyakup!

    I am not sure if we have any integrations that work with Facebook or Instagram comments but we do have a native integration with Facebook Messenger that will allow you to create leads linked to these conversations- Pipedrive Integration: Facebook Messenger. You can see more here as well- Facebook Messenger integration FAQ

    Depending on what you are looking to do, you also may be able to set an automation up with Zapier- Zapier and Facebook Leads, they have a similar setup with Instagram as well, here!

    Here is a page of our Facebook integrations on our Marketplace and our Instagram integrations here!

    I hope this helps a bit! 😊

  • David Gurr (Make.com)
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    Hey @inacyakup

    Make has pre-built connectors for Pipedrive and Facebook. You could easily build a Make scenario that uses the Facebook Pages app to Watch for Comments and then uses the Pipedrive app Create a Lead module to add the lead to Pipedrive.

    If you'd like to know more, DM me and I can explain further.