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Hi, I need to have duplicate leads for each client. Each which will be assigned to a different pipeline at a future point. The lazy part of me wants to know if there is any way that leads can be duplicated. I only have to make 3 changes to a new lead for a client to create another lead for the other pipelines and being able to duplicate the lead would save me a lot of rekeying.


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    Hi there,

    export the lead list.

    Make changes in Google Sheets or Excel.

    Import it.

    There will be new leads created when you do it without export and import the lead IDs.

  • @naeemaslam FYI, Integromat rebranded as Make about 18 months ago ... 😉

    And you're right, this would be easy to implement in Make:

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    Hey, I totally get the struggle of having to manually duplicate leads. It's such a time-consuming process, right? If your CRM or whatever software you're using has a duplicate feature, that would be a lifesaver! Otherwise, maybe you could look into automating the process through third-party tools or custom scripts? A few simple changes should be easy to implement if duplication is an option. That way, you'd save time and reduce the chance of errors. Anything that minimizes manual data entry is a win in my book!