How do I change the currency in my report?

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Hello, I use multiple currencies in my business and when I add this report it only shows it in USD, how do I change it to another currency?


  • The report shows currency metrics in your default currency.

    You can go to your personal preferences to change the default currency.

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    Customize Report Templates:

    If you're using a specialized reporting tool or accounting software, you might need to customize your report templates to display the desired currency. Look for options to edit the report template or layout settings.

    Using Macros or Formulas:

    For some advanced scenarios, you might need to use macros or formulas to dynamically convert currency values based on user input or data sources. This is more common in complex spreadsheets or reporting systems.

    Third-Party Add-ins:

    Depending on the software you're using, there might be third-party add-ins or extensions available that offer enhanced currency formatting capabilities.