Color Blind friendly Colors PLEASE!!!!

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I would like you to consider making the text colors for WON or LOST deals color blind friendly, or at least offer that option. There is a high percentage of the population that cannot distinguish red and green easily. We all struggle daily with this issue in more aspects of our lives than you would care to image. How about the option keeping the following in mind....

Some tips for choosing color blind friendly colors are123:

Do not use rainbow color schemes. Use a perceptually uniform color map, such as viridis or cividis.

Avoid red, especially in combination with green or black. Red is problematic for many people with color blindness.

Use colors that contrast well with each other, such as green and magenta, yellow and blue, or red and cyan.

Go grey. Grey is a neutral color that can be used to highlight or complement other colors.

I see there was a reference to this issue in 2021 - clearly not high on the agenda hey? Bet it would be if one of the founders was color blind !

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    Hello @JM-S4i , thank you for the feedback. I'm happy to say that new accessibility features are being researched, be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements soon!