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I am starting a new B2C line of my business and already have the WP/WooCommerce development for it underway. I am now trying to think through the back end. What functions should WooCommerce do, where should the data live, what roles can Pipedrive play? Is there a better option than Pipedrive for these functions? I am disappointed in how difficult it is to get this level of advice from Pipedrive itself and wondering if there are Pipedrive partners or consultants who can help me think through which solutions should support which processes and workflow steps.


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    @David Gurr (Make.com) @Liz (Ops Designed) would you have any tips for Greg on this matter? Thanks!

  • Hi @Manuel Oliveira - thanks for the nod!

    @Greg Lipper Make can help in joining together the components of your solution, but the architectural segmentation is kind of our of our domain.

    Make is a highly visual, easy to use no-code workflow automation solution with pre-built connectors for over 1,500 SaaS solutions, including Pipedrive, WooCommerce and WordPress.

    You can build simple or complex workflows and can use if/then/else branching as well as array manipulation and iteration. All without needing to write a single line of code!

    Make is widely used in e-commerce and powers many of the worlds leading e-commerce sites behind the scenes.

    We have a vibrant Partner community, many of whom are also Pipedrive and/or WooCommerce partners. If you drop me a DM with your contact details I'd be happy to put you in touch!