Can I have 2 instant conditions that are different

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Context: I'm using automations to send a thread of 3 emails when a user is created. however, there are a couple of things that should happen in between emails.

step 1. user is created --> send email template 1

1.1 user answers email --> create lead - stops emails

Step 2. user doesn't answer email #1 --> wait 3 days and send email template 2

2.1 user answers email --> create lead - stops mails

Step 3. user doesn't answer email #2 --> wait 5 days and send email template 3

3.1 user answers email --> create lead - stops mails

Step 4. user doesn't answer email #3 --> updates custom label

The question is: can I have 2 instant conditions that are contraditory? answer email false and answer email true

Will this work?


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    Hi @LeonorM!

    Unfortunately, the Pipedrive automations feature does not yet have the ability to create paths or split conditions which would be needed in this case. When the automation triggers, it will run in sequential order immediately if there are not any delays or wait for condition steps.

    Right now, the way your automation is set up as soon as a person has been created, an email will be sent out, and then check if it has a response as soon as it is sent which will cause the automation to fail. After your send email step, you should either add a delay or wait for condition step in general to allow time for the email recipient to respond-

    However, regardless of adding this delay step, your automation would unfortunately still not work since it is checking to see if the email has both been replied to and not been replied to, which is not possible. You would have to create 2 separate automations, one that continues if an email has not been replied to, and another that checks when an email has been replied to.

    While we are hoping to have this automation split condition feature added to Pipedrive in the future(we have no confirmed release date at the moment), in the meantime, we recommend checking out Zapier as they do have the option to create paths in their automations!

    I hope this helps for the moment! 😊

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