Campaign Builder: MS Outlook Appearance Issues

I run a B-2-B wellbeing company and the majority of our clients use Microsoft and MS Outlook for emails. I'm constantly finding that every time I build an email in Pipedrive Campaigns, it looks vastly different in an Outlook inbox verse what I see in the Campaign Editor and Preview Mode. This is an ongoing issue as Pipedrive don't provide an alternative Mail Builder that syncs with Pipedrive where you can track email openings...etc from the Deal. I want to use Pipedrive Campaigns but the emails look so unprofessional when viewed in Outlook. The main issues include inconsistent column widths, inconsistent section widths, columns not matching up, font appearing differently and a whole lot more. Anyone found a way to fix this? It's very frustrating and looks completely unprofessional.


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    Hi @Melani De Sousa

    I am sorry you are facing issues with this. Unfortunately, there are no exact steps we can suggest from our side.

    Email service providers such as Outlook, interpret HTML code in different ways. Outlook uses Microsoft Word to render HTML/CSS, which can cause emails to display differently in Outlook. Microsoft Word is initially meant for print design and attempting to render HTML with this, makes it look like a print preview, causing the display to differ from what you designed and tested in the editor. There are also differences in Outlook in how they interpret it in different versions, desktop app, etc.

    We don't have our own article published on this yet, but there are many suggestions in Google on what to keep in mind when emails appear different in Outlook, or what points to check about Outlook rendering issues as this is a common question brought up. I hope you can check further to get some more ideas on the topic.