Elevate Your Sales with the Stripe Connector by AppMonks for Pipedrive

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The Stripe Connector by AppMonks seamlessly integrates Stripe invoices, payments, and contacts into Pipedrive, simplifying your sales operations and allowing efficient management of financial data within Pipedrive's user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, Stripe Connector by AppMonks synchronizes your Stripe contacts into Pipedrive. Gain valuable insights into your customers' payment history.

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Summary of features included

✔ Syncs Stripe invoices, payments, and non-invoice transactions into Pipedrive.

✔ Integrates Stripe contacts into Pipedrive for a comprehensive customer view.

✔ Configurable options to decide whether duplicate contacts should be added during synchronization.

✔ Flexible access controls for managing contact visibility within your company.

✔ Complete ownership of your data and the ability disconnect and remove your data from the integration at any time.

✔ Manage and pay for your subscription with Stripe starting at $5/month.

Features are not included in the current version of the Stripe Connector by AppMonks extension though on our roadmap:

❌ Two-way synchronization of data between Stripe and Pipedrive.

❌ Automatic creation of deals in Pipedrive based on Stripe transactions.

❌ Advanced reporting and analytics features for financial data within Pipedrive.


You can view the integration here: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/app/stripe-connector-by-app-monks/1c4db6563bd865a2

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